Monthly Archives: May 2012

I Symbaloo, Do You?


I just found out about a neat online tool, Symbaloo EDU.  With this tool, you can create a page that has can hold up to 52 tiles linked to websites, articles, RSS feeds, blogs, etc.  You could create a symbaloo with links and such related to any topic.  I created one titled “Teacher Tools”, which has links to teacher blogs, websites, and helpful online tools.  These tools are not content specific and can be used by teachers of any grade level.  I think I’ll create an art teacher symbaloo next.  Click on the image below to check out my “Teacher Tools” symbaloo EDU.



Free Online Courses From Harvard and M.I.T.?


The New York Times article, “Harvard and M.I.T. Team Up to Offer Free Online Courses”, explains that there is a new academic race, one in which elite universities are partnering with a new nonprofit, edX, in order to provide free online college courses to students all over the world.  The class-size is huge for these classes – M.I.T.’s first free online course had 120,000 students with 10,000 passing the midterm.  Students who take these new courses will be able to receive a grade and a certificate of completion (if they pass the course), but will not be able earn college credits.  So, I guess not a free option for PGP points for teachers licenses, but an interesting way learn something new… from Harvard.  The class content is not watered down, but is the exact same content you’d find in the classroom.  My husband thinks this will be fun, and will be signing up to take a class in the fall.  Here is a video of the presidents of M.I.T., Harvard, and edX talking about this new venture in online education: edX Press Conference.